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Don’t Worry, Tea Happy

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Don’t Worry, Tea Happy!

We are beyond *happy* to introduce our ‘Don’t Worry, Tea Happy’ tea blend! With a few natural antidepressants as ingredients, such as Saffron, St. John’s Wort, Lemon Balm, etc., we have engineered a tasty, yellow like the sun, recipe to lift your mood!! So, Don’t Worry, Tea Happy!!!


Our 2.5 ounce tins contain 15-20 cups of tea each.  Additional sizing options will be stocking soon!


Health Notes
~Reduces Anxiety
~Support Cognitive Function
~Natural Stress Relief
~Pain Reliever
~Promotes Healthy Digestion
~Packed w/ Antioxidants
~Increase Immunity
~Improve Liver Health

Action Notes

-Hot Tea:
~Start with 1 Tbsp, and adjust per desire
~Steep 5-7 minutes
~Strain and enjoy!!

-Cold Brew
~1 Tbsp per 2 cups of water
~Mix with cold water and refrigerate overnight (or at least 2 hours)
~Strain and enjoy!!

~Drink daily for best results


~Naturally decaffeinated